WorX Alternative watercolor paper


Hello watercolor artist, letterer, calligrapher and art materials hoarder 😀

Last week, i was looking for Canson watercolor paper, but unfortunately out of stock. 😦 So i look for alternative paper  and wishing that i could find at-least 100gsm or above. And tadaaaaaa!~ Cheaper than Canson and 200gsm. 🙂 Canson cost 45Php/10sheets, and this one is 18Php /10sheets. Ahhhhh~ Hoard time. Hahaha!

So the texture of the paper is smooth, unlike Canson, but i can also absorb water if you are using watercolor.But this paper is really god if you re using dip pens, Ink won’t bleed. You can also use this for Invitations, calling cards, menu, etc.

PS: I bought this from local school supplies store. (Supermart)


Xoxo, Kaye ❤

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Where: Maridels at Plazuela de Iloilo 

When: June 6, 2016 

What: Bonding time! 🙂

Why: We want something sweet and, this place is a must try! 

Cakes are a bit expensive compare to ordinary cakes on local bakery store. But don’t worry your taste buds will be happy 🙂

Love, Kaye ❤


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DIY Anti tick & flea dog shampoo


Materials: Vinegar, Dish-washing liquid soap, water, and small container.

Are you a dog lover? Your dog have a tick or flea? Are you tired of watching your dog scratching his/her body? I strongly recommend this DIY dog shampoo. I’ve tested and proven. I have a cocker spaniel, 10 months and she keeps on scratching her body. I saw it in the internet that this two ingredients can absolutely kill tick and flea!  It’s even less expensive if you do it yourself!

Prepare: 1 part of vinegar, 1 part of dish-washing soap, warm water, and container.


  1. Mix the 3 ingredients in your container.
  2. Apply to you dog just like a normal shampoo.
  3. Massage it and let it stay for 3-5 mins.
  4. Rinse your dog with warm water.

And tadaaa. Good bye tick and flea!


Xoxo, Kaye ❤

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Hello weekend bloggers


I got this water color palette for only 30php. So affordable! But the quality is not as very good as expensive watercolors.  But it’s okay, it is good for practicing. Ugh, water-brush is love ❤️  Happy weekend everyone!

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DIY crepe paper hair dye


Yes, i’am a crepe paper victim.

It’s all over the internet, you can dye your hair using a crepe paper. Well, to see is to believe, that’s why i tried and tadaaaaa! Wanna try it too? So easy!

Materials: Disposable gloves, crepe paper, bowl, warm water, comb, shampoo, and towel.

  1. Comb your hair, make sure there’s no tangled before the process.
  2. Make sure you’re wearing dark colored t-shirt (Black is the best choice). Cut the crepe paper (any size will do as long as it fits to the bowl) and put it into the bowl.
  3. Prepare the warm water, and wear the gloves.
  4. Pour the water to the bowl (you can add salt if you want, some say that salt can help the color looks vibrant. This is optional)
  5. Squeeze the crepe paper using your hands (of course with gloves).
  6. If you have a thick hair, you can divide it using ponytail. But if you don’t you can dip your hair directly into the bowl.
  7. After you dipped, squeeze it. And rinse it with warm water and shampoo. (Blow dry your hair if you want to see the perfect result immediately.)

It only lasted for 3-4 days, depends on how often you wash your hair. Enjoy! And, Welcome.

Xoxo, Kaye ❤

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Random lettering


I already posted this picture on instagram last week. One of my random lettering’s hahaha “Choose joy”, Yes, always. 🙂


Water brush pen, Watercolor (Ordinary watercolor palette), and Canson watercolor paper

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Stress Reliever



Things that i love. My stress reliever and (pampalipas oras) and don’t ask me where did my money go. Lol! Why i’m so addicted with these things? Let’s start from the right side, the water color, Classic water color Hahaha! Batang 90’S will understand this. Water brush, I love this thing. Who invented this? Thank you so much you’re a genius! The tip is so flexible and it is easy to use. Then, the Fine tip brush, i bought it on national bookstore around 30Php. You can you use it for details. and the Kuretake Brush pen, i like it! But the brush tip is not as flexible as water brush. I bought this at (Tigbato) Molo Mansion. Ahhhhhhhh, i need a lot of money, this hobby is so expensive.


Xoxo, Kaye ❤


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