Cracked Heel Cream

I’m so happy to share this product review. I forgot to take picture of my heels before i use this, i wish you can see how miserable my crack heels before, i seldom use sandals and slippers when i went to malls because the cracks are so visible (i don’t really like it, huhuhu) and i don’t even think that those cracks will disappear until i found this product [Akala ko talaga forever na kami ng cracked heels ko]. Bought this heel cream last week, and i promise my self to make a review if it really works. And guess what? Yes, it does 100% (Based on my experienced). Say good bye to your cracked heels. *Bye! Bye!*

The product is from Guardian, bought this for only 99Php (50g) at the Local pharmacy, it’s cheaper than i expected. I thought it was around 300Php, because I’ve seen a lot of product like this and it’s quite expensive. This product promised that there will be visible results in 3 days (If you follow the directions). In my case i applied it before going to bed, and after taking a bath in the morning. I love it  because it dries so quick and i forgot to mention that it smells nice (even though it’s no added paraben, fragrance, and colourant) i don’t know why, i just love the smell, even Rozie (my dog) wants to smell it every-time i use it. It has 4 in 1 benefits: Hydrates, Repairs, Softens, and Protects. And it’s Dermatologist tested and Proven. Zoom in the pictures above, if you really want to read what’s in the box.



Love, Kaye ❤

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