Hello guys. Long time No blog. Because K-drama is Life. Wala na eh, kinain na ng systema si bes. Lol! So yeah, last February 5, 2017 (Sunday) We’ve decided to go to Bucari Leon, Iloilo. Unprepared kami! Omaygaahd! Bucari can be found in the highlands of Leon and Alimodian, both are municipalities of Iloilo province.


Jeepney Fare from Iloilo City to CBL Terminal (Pavia, Iloilo) – (8Php)

From CBL Terminal to Leon, Iloilo – (30Php)

  • Habal-habal – 500 Roundtrip Falls and Campsite
  • Habal-habal – 250 Round Trip Campsite only
  • Habal-habal – 150 One way

Tricycle, Jeepney, or Private car  can’t go there, the road is quite narrow, and muddy. Habal-Habal is the only way, we have no choice [kaya bawal OA dun].


Campsite and Falls, here we go.. Let the adventure begins-


They say Difficult road leads to beautiful destination.  So okay, let’s see.


Can you imagine? Motorcycle can pass here! Just one at the time.. one at the time.


Ahhhhh yeppuda. Nature is so damn beautiful.


The water is so cold ..and fresh. We need to be extra careful because the rocks are so slippery. (super duper slippery)


W O R T H   I T! (my legs… my feet.. just cry later!)


Just walk, don’t run. Off to campsite.


Lol, they take a bath here and wash their clothes. What comes in my mind? Moonlovers scarlet heart ryeo (Korean Drama with 20-episodes that will make your heart broken into pieces, the feels are coming back MUST WATCH), their public bath .


The campsite view. But i didn’t feel the cold temperature, it’s because i’m full of sweat?

or what? Anyway,  i love the weather! ❤


Off to the top of the mountain. I can’t feel my legs. It’s so slippery, you have to put some pressure to every step you take. And because instagram feed is life, here we come!


My half way there view.  #HelpUs


YES FINALLY! I would like to thank my supporters, best friends, water etc.. Lol 😀

It’s worth it!  My  Top of the mountain view.


Exhausted but happy 🙂 Now, can we just take a nap? 😀

Love, Kaye ❤

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