cheese-in-the-trapscreen captured this line from a 16 Episodes Korean Drama “Cheese in the trap”. This drama is based on Web-comic. One of my favorite line from Yoo Jung.

Before i decide to watch this, I’ve read few  bad comments about this drama,  it’s because of the ending. Yeah, they find it frustrating that after watching 16 episodes with a roller coaster emotions and the finale was like “That’s it?”, “I’ve wasted my 16 hours”, “Don’t expect too much on the ending” and some of them are asking for a Part 2 or sequel. and then.. i was curious. 11pm i decide to watch, and guess what? I can’t stop watching. I finished 4 episodes and slept at 3am. Yup! it’s not that boring or bad. The drama was so realistic, everyone can relate especially if you are a student (in my opinion).  The actors and actresses fits perfectly on their roles.  Plus the soundtrack was so awesome.  Click [here] to read the plot of the drama, characters, and other details.

PS: They will release Cheese in the trap movie this 2017!  Hoooray! But they changed the lead actress. Hong Seol from 2016 drama will not be in 2017 movie. Saaaaaad 😦

PSPS: I’m so happy for Baek In Ho 🙂

Xoxo, Kaye ❤

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2 Responses to CITT

  1. Loving Korea says:

    This is a romantic and comedy. I love it especially Hong Seol. ❤


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