Stress Reliever



Things that i love. My stress reliever and (pampalipas oras) and don’t ask me where did my money go. Lol! Why i’m so addicted with these things? Let’s start from the right side, the water color, Classic water color Hahaha! Batang 90’S will understand this. Water brush, I love this thing. Who invented this? Thank you so much you’re a genius! The tip is so flexible and it is easy to use. Then, the Fine tip brush, i bought it on national bookstore around 30Php. You can you use it for details. and the Kuretake Brush pen, i like it! But the brush tip is not as flexible as water brush. I bought this at (Tigbato) Molo Mansion. Ahhhhhhhh, i need a lot of money, this hobby is so expensive.


Xoxo, Kaye ❤


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