(The American Cocker Spaniel)

I don’t remember the exact date i mentioned about ‘adopting a puppy’ to my bff’s, i asked them to help me, but i only got 500php. They told me, “Dugangi nalang na 1000 buligan taka pangita”, “Jusko ikaw to pangita 500 lang kwarta mo, demanding kapa sa breed kag size”, “Na stressed ko ah, diin ka kita 500 nga ido?” etc…. Obviously, they’re stressed. Yes i admit, i’m so hopeless. I really want a puppy.

The following weeks, i opened this topic to tita toots and mama, and luckily they agreed. (Ohhh yes! Thank you so much papa God.)  And we’re so lucky (again) her husband uncle is selling puppies. Tita and his husband contact him immediately.

February 6, 2016, around 6pm, this cutiepatotie arrived, not only in our house, but in our life. It takes 3 days for Rozie to adjust. Btw, Hayden named her.Without Hayden there’s no Rozie. Lol. Thank you so much Papa God. I’ll take good care of this little fella. Even she’s a little bit of naughty. But she’s awesome.  Ily rozie ❤




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