Dye your cellphone case

Hello. I saw this idea on facebook. And i tried it immediately.

I’ve done this couple of months ago. Because my phone casing doesn’t have many choices on the market. So i decide to make one.


  • Crepe paper/s
  • Scissor
  • Hot water
  • Container (just make sure your case can fit)
  • Old/New clear jelly case

Prepare your materials & Cut the Crepe paper. This are the crepe paper colors i prepared. 😊

Wrap the crepe paper on your phone case. Just like in the photo. So what i did is, blue color on the top, pink on the bottom.

Soak it for 10mins on a hot water. 🕒

And let it dry.

Ta—daaaaa! Hope you like it 😁

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Garin Farm Pilgrimage Resort

What’s for summer?

Where to go?


Gotcha bes!

Leave the city and get some fresh air at Garin farm. 2hours away from the city. Located at San Joaquin, Iloilo.

How to get there?

  • If you’re from the city, take a jeepney going to Iloilo terminal market.
  • You can take a jeepney San joaquin or Antique bound.
  • Fare is 60 pesos per person.
  • Travel time is around 1. 5 – 2hours depends on the traffic condition.
  • And don’t forget to tell manong driver or the conductor to drop you at GARIN FARM.
  • You’ll see a big sign of garin farm.
  • Take a motorcycle high way to the resort. 20pesos per person.
  • You’ll get there in 3mins.

Entrace fee is 150 pesos.

More pictures below

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Cracked Heel Cream

I’m so happy to share this product review. I forgot to take picture of my heels before i use this, i wish you can see how miserable my crack heels before, i seldom use sandals and slippers when i went to malls because the cracks are so visible (i don’t really like it, huhuhu) and i don’t even think that those cracks will disappear until i found this product [Akala ko talaga forever na kami ng cracked heels ko]. Bought this heel cream last week, and i promise my self to make a review if it really works. And guess what? Yes, it does 100% (Based on my experienced). Say good bye to your cracked heels. *Bye! Bye!*

The product is from Guardian, bought this for only 99Php (50g) at the Local pharmacy, it’s cheaper than i expected. I thought it was around 300Php, because I’ve seen a lot of product like this and it’s quite expensive. This product promised that there will be visible results in 3 days (If you follow the directions). In my case i applied it before going to bed, and after taking a bath in the morning. I love it  because it dries so quick and i forgot to mention that it smells nice (even though it’s no added paraben, fragrance, and colourant) i don’t know why, i just love the smell, even Rozie (my dog) wants to smell it every-time i use it. It has 4 in 1 benefits: Hydrates, Repairs, Softens, and Protects. And it’s Dermatologist tested and Proven. Zoom in the pictures above, if you really want to read what’s in the box.



Love, Kaye ❤

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Buon Gelato

This place is awesome. Because they played Korean drama soundtrack and K-pop music videos on their television screen, which made us stayed for 2 hours.


Buon Gelato is located at Lower ground floor SM City, Mandurriao, Iloilo City. They serve ice cream, frozen yogurt, smoothies, cakes and pastries, pasta (omg), teas, a lot of sweets, and hot and cold coffee! If you’re a sweet tooth and coffee lover, you’ll love there! Swear. If you really want to know the exact prices, Zoom the picture below.


I ordered latte with a very affordable price, 89Pesos. That white tiny jug is the sugar, (they separate the sugar which is good). The ambiance is supeeeerb! Perfect place to chill with your love ones 🙂


Thanks for the cute pot with fake flowers 🙂

Love, Kaye ❤

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Hello guys. Long time No blog. Because K-drama is Life. Wala na eh, kinain na ng systema si bes. Lol! So yeah, last February 5, 2017 (Sunday) We’ve decided to go to Bucari Leon, Iloilo. Unprepared kami! Omaygaahd! Bucari can be found in the highlands of Leon and Alimodian, both are municipalities of Iloilo province.


Jeepney Fare from Iloilo City to CBL Terminal (Pavia, Iloilo) – (8Php)

From CBL Terminal to Leon, Iloilo – (30Php)

  • Habal-habal – 500 Roundtrip Falls and Campsite
  • Habal-habal – 250 Round Trip Campsite only
  • Habal-habal – 150 One way

Tricycle, Jeepney, or Private car  can’t go there, the road is quite narrow, and muddy. Habal-Habal is the only way, we have no choice [kaya bawal OA dun].


Campsite and Falls, here we go.. Let the adventure begins-


They say Difficult road leads to beautiful destination.  So okay, let’s see.


Can you imagine? Motorcycle can pass here! Just one at the time.. one at the time.


Ahhhhh yeppuda. Nature is so damn beautiful.


The water is so cold ..and fresh. We need to be extra careful because the rocks are so slippery. (super duper slippery)


W O R T H   I T! (my legs… my feet.. just cry later!)


Just walk, don’t run. Off to campsite.


Lol, they take a bath here and wash their clothes. What comes in my mind? Moonlovers scarlet heart ryeo (Korean Drama with 20-episodes that will make your heart broken into pieces, the feels are coming back MUST WATCH), their public bath .


The campsite view. But i didn’t feel the cold temperature, it’s because i’m full of sweat?

or what? Anyway,  i love the weather! ❤


Off to the top of the mountain. I can’t feel my legs. It’s so slippery, you have to put some pressure to every step you take. And because instagram feed is life, here we come!


My half way there view.  #HelpUs


YES FINALLY! I would like to thank my supporters, best friends, water etc.. Lol 😀

It’s worth it!  My  Top of the mountain view.


Exhausted but happy 🙂 Now, can we just take a nap? 😀

Love, Kaye ❤

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cheese-in-the-trapscreen captured this line from a 16 Episodes Korean Drama “Cheese in the trap”. This drama is based on Web-comic. One of my favorite line from Yoo Jung.

Before i decide to watch this, I’ve read few  bad comments about this drama,  it’s because of the ending. Yeah, they find it frustrating that after watching 16 episodes with a roller coaster emotions and the finale was like “That’s it?”, “I’ve wasted my 16 hours”, “Don’t expect too much on the ending” and some of them are asking for a Part 2 or sequel. and then.. i was curious. 11pm i decide to watch, and guess what? I can’t stop watching. I finished 4 episodes and slept at 3am. Yup! it’s not that boring or bad. The drama was so realistic, everyone can relate especially if you are a student (in my opinion).  The actors and actresses fits perfectly on their roles.  Plus the soundtrack was so awesome.  Click [here] to read the plot of the drama, characters, and other details.

PS: They will release Cheese in the trap movie this 2017!  Hoooray! But they changed the lead actress. Hong Seol from 2016 drama will not be in 2017 movie. Saaaaaad 😦

PSPS: I’m so happy for Baek In Ho 🙂

Xoxo, Kaye ❤

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ArmyNavy Food trip

We would like to thank Samantha for the treat. Expensive but, you’ll satisfied your cravings. And by the way, Foods won’t break your heart.

I’m so in love with this dessert. I can hear them screaming “We want to be inside you” HAHA!  It has a touch of cinnamon (i love cinnamon) and vanilla ice cream. Omg. I scream for Ice cream. Lol!


Love, Kaye ❤

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